Thursday, December 10, 2009

i don't trust the post office.

this entry wasn't really supposed to be about my angst with the post office. but i was thinking about how every time i've moved home (and granted, i do this more than the average yogi bear), i ask for my mail to be forwarded, and it NEVER works. the mail continues to come to my old address, get rejected, turn around, and go back from whence it came.

so in an effort to be more effective dear readers, let me tell you LOUD AND CLEAR (in all caps even), that me and my blog have moved.

we now live at our very own domain: the cozyhunter.

in case you don't like surprises, the color scheme is wasp-esque - black & white with stripes of neon yellow.

i love it's minimalist walls and how it sometimes rearranges the pictures i post into a haphazard but purposeful mess. devon created it for me at 3am last night and i am continually impressed by how he completely gets my strange aesthetics, can tame wild CSS code, while maintaining a sense of humor about my pesky control issues.

now that the look of my blog doesn't make me want to vomit daisies, i hope to be a much more reliable blogger.

or at least, that's the intention.

longstanding love affair with kites and landscape lines.

kite painting = here
kiteface = here
landscape lean = here

animal maskery = my newest photo fascination

photo credits (from bottom to top): lars botten, eleanor hardwich, she's jack, perhydrol.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

flow chart truisms

i'm a sucker for a good flowchart.
maybe 2010 will be the year for flowcharts instead of lists.
imagine the possibilities...are you dazzled with wonderment at the notion?
did i just use the word 'wonderment'?
is it even a word?

i present you with the top three flowcharts that have recently made their merry way into my life.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

attitude of gratitude

i know i'm a bit late jumping on the whole 'what i'm thankful for' wagon. blame the fact that i'm in australia and they don't have thanksgiving here because i guess they were so busy committing injustices and atrocities that the colonizers didn't make time for a lovely feast with the indigenous people of the land. that's what the holiday is about right? because no one has ever really explained it to me, and i'm usually so stuffed full of pumpkin pie and lashings of whipped cream to ever bother asking.

and that's why we have wikipedia.

anyway. i am thankful for so many things. i'm thankful for the BIG things - health, happiness, love, my family, my faith, this beautiful planet i've been lucky enough to traverse, and my amazing friends.

and i'm also thankful for strange and wonderful and wacky things, like the fact that my mum says things like 'i offed the TV' instead of 'i turned off the TV''ve.corrected.her.

i'm thankful for creative outlets, the old cameras i find at thrift stores, and caspian - our nikon d90 (which i still don't really know how to use, so it's always an experiment).

i'm thankful that i have a younger sister who has no clue who alanis morissette is and has a sense of style that out-performs mine 10 times out of 10, and that i can fit her clothes.

i'm thankful for devon. the fact that we work together on soulpancake ALL day and then are still so excited about hanging out together - whether it's taking a break to hunt down a perfect cup of coffee, going on a photoshoot-turned-wild-adventure, or just finding a cozy space to watch the next episode of the Wire - is astonishing. i love his energy and unbridled enthusiasm. he exudes love and happiness and having a team mate like this makes every other relationship i've had pale into insignificance.

i'm also thankful that i love my work so much. getting to develop content for soulpancake is incredible/challenging/inspiring. i work alongside an super passionate and creative team, and i can honestly say that i wouldn't want to be doing anything else. today, reading these comments below from the site my heart swelled with gratitude.

i wake up each day excited to be alive and ready to tackle what comes next in this grand adventure. so, in the telling-the-universe-but-also-telling-each-of-you-sort-of-way: thank you.