Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my mum told me she is tired of checking my blog and seeing lego. so...

tah dah...
here is an update.
dev is back = blog gets neglected. sleep gets neglected.
we bought our dream camera and i can't stop looking at it and thinking about its latent capacity.
i'm even tempted to read the manual. now that's love.
i am wearing a striped shirt today. makes me feel like a pirate.
the end.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

lego love

i would definitely buy my future children this camera just so i could use it. it's featured as one of a whole line of lego branded products. read more here.

blizten trapper is a perfect way to start the day

Sunday, February 15, 2009

um. what?

i still work for an academic journal publishing company that i got a job with when i was doing my masters in publishing and editing in melbourne a couple of years ago. i like it because it is systematic, consistent work and there is no office. i can work from anywhere i please. my bed being a fine option.

the journal contributors are from various countries (not all english speaking) and every now and then i get an email that makes me smile because obviously a great effort is being made. and i find it endearing, because my mum does the same thing - spell phonetically, and use odd phrases.

the email i got this evening was one of these:

dear Golriz,
I just wanted to know the progress regarding the paper that i have submitted, kindly take up the pain to know about the status
waiting for an reply
with regards

so now i'm gearing up to take up the pain.

in honor of my fellow pineapple-straight-out-of-a-can-starcrossed-lover

this one's for you.

oh the fun to be had

so, with our second place prize money from the carbon cap video contest, dev and i are thinking of buying a camera. more specifically, this little gem.

any recommendations or anything to add in the way of nikon vs. canon would be welcome. we would love advice on the lenses we should invest in.

sir ryan lash? your expertise is requested. i'll pay you with a handsome backgammon board :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

i wear a LOT of black. but my bed and socks make up for it.

what is more exciting then a parcel in the mail?

a parcel that has designer packing tape. wowzers. i want the bird one badly.

(or one covered in handwritten ily's)


yesterday i get a text from ashley that reads:

'there is a middle aged, white man standing alone at the junction where hollywood blvd turns into sunset. it is sprinkling rain and he is waving a sign under a vacuum repair store that reads "celebrate peace & spread love". i love him'

reason #8736 why beautiful ashley ludwin will always inhabit a huge space in my heart.

a viable alternative to watching the bachelor.

if you haven't checked out TED you should. this is a recent TED lecture by elizabeth gilbert (author of eat, pray, love) about the challenges that you encounter when you are choosing a career as a writer, or any kind of artist actually.

in other news, i can totally relate to this dilemma.

Friday, February 13, 2009

i want my feet to be here with these feet


i don't even know how i came across this site, but i find the guy modeling these clothes disturbing. do we really need to see him put the jackets on, and take them off? i get that flash can make websites interesting, but is he supposed to be creepy? or am i no longer hip to what's hot?

i did wonder this as i watched the jonas bros with slight disgust at the grammy's. the whole time i wanted stevie wonder to just ask them to sit down and pay attention to what real music was about.

alas. does this mean i'm old?

i think using the word alas probably answers my question, since last time i checked people under the age of 109 do not use this term in everyday speech.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

kelly wonder-woman snook

reminiscing about my recent trip to boston wouldn't be complete unless i took a moment to mention the lovely kelly and the amazing loft she is living in. a bunch of artists took over a cannery and bakery on the outskirts of the city and made these expansive beautiful lofts. kelly lives on the top floor and an entire wall of windows flanks the loft so during the day you can actually bask in the warmth and PRETEND it's summer while it snows outside.

it also helps that ms. snook has exceptional taste and has filled her space with all things interesting and fun to look at. and instruments galore. and not just your regular instruments. but things that look like they belong on the starship enterprize.

kelly is also one of the best mug purchasers i've ever met. just add that to her list of accomplishments. you know, in between rocket scientist, talented music producer and creative genius.

anjali and harold

this is anjali and the polaroid camera she recently acquired that we named harold.

doesn't he look like a harold? all dapper in his brown leather case?

anyway, the film harold needs is no longer made. he can take regular 600 speed polaroid film but it takes some finagling to make the picture turn out right. as opposed to just a blur set in a gradient of yellow.

still. i have high hopes for harold.

meet my beauties.

i love these two ladies. one i've known for almost 9 years. the other i met about 9 days ago. both feel like my soul mates. i miss boston mostly because i miss them.

if you end your email with stuff like this i will mock you. openly

i was forwarded an email today and it ended with this:

PS- If you have no clue who I am and/or why I have your email, I probably don't know either. I would like to be your co-collaborator, but if you do not want to receive my random updates, just shoot me an email that says "While I find you rather interesting, I don't find you quite interesting enough to receive your future updates. I already get enough email as it is, and by not having to read yours', it saves me 2 minutes once a month or so. Please take me off your email list." All I ask in return is that you take those two minutes and do one of the following: a) Give someone an unexpected compliment, b) think about something "taboo," from a different perspective or c) register to do a few hours of charity work. You rock.

um. how about no.

how about i take the two minutes i saved not reading your strange email updates and write about it on my blog.


now i just feel mean.


i'm enjoying these daily 'plinky' questions because they force me to stop and think. lately life has been a string of green lights so i relish taking a moment to be still. today's question was 'name a piece of advice you've been given that you think everyone should hear.'

i had two.

Running ahead of oneself by Dan Foy (orangeacid)

1. you do not need to be apologetic about being happy.

2. drink water. lots of water.

Monday, February 09, 2009

In defense of my vice: starbucks

Two shots of espresso please! by Aubrey Arenas (Aubrey Arenas)


i love little independent coffee shops but when i need my coffee fix, there is always a starbucks close at hand. and there is something luxurious about their wasteful double cuppage that is just so great. but so evil.

i love you...but

daily dose of funny-because-it's-true.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

just when you think surely, they can't get uglier...

crocs decide to branch into the 'wedge' look and take the prize for most ugly shoe in existence.

itsy bitsy

what's better than a handwritten letter in the mail?
not much. that's why this idea is so brilliant.

why i'm going to stop complaining about the cold

australia is facing the worst bush fires in recorded history. temperatures are over 46 degrees celsius (115 degrees farenheit).

parts of australia were dealing with a heat wave but it really is so upsetting that they are suspecting arson as the reason these devastating fires broke out.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

remember that time i met a certain 'someone' and proceded to lose my mind?

well look what i just found.

it's better with bacon.


baconize any site by adding to the start of the address.

i know. super useful.

for Q


Friday, February 06, 2009


everything about twitter, INCLUDING what happens when something goes wrong, is pretty much a deliciously designed visual treat.

incredible evolving art. otherwise known as: where do people find the time?

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

MOMA does it again

how simply delightful is this clock that dooce featured?

i'm sure this is the best thing you've seen all day. or i'll give you your money back.


because dev is far away in freezing boston working on his album (yay!) we have to resort to watching our favorite shows (scrubs) whilst i-chatting.

and then i get a picture like this in my inbox with his screenshot titled 'my favorite'

co-dependence. shmo-dependence.

i heart d.g.

second but oh so newsworthy. j/k.

so the carbon cap video dev and i created was awarded second place. of course we wanted to win so we could buy a fancy pants still camera and a high def video camera. (and a puppy) but i guess we will have to figure out other ways to make zillions of dollars to fund our projects.

it was pretty odd to get an email from a contact at a local Nashville TV station telling me he'd received this press release below:

Nashville Residents Finalists in Online Climate Change Contest

(Washington, DC – February 5, 2009) Today Environmental Defense Action Fund announced the winners of an ad competition challenging film makers to explain how capping greenhouse gas pollution will break America’s addiction to oil.

Devon Gundry and Golriz Lucina, from Nashville Tennessee received second place in the Climate Activist’s Choice Award. Their video, Get off the Couch asks: You know that friend who stayed on your couch for free? What if they had to pay?

Residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Devon Gundry works as a web consultant for internet start up businesses, and is a talented singer/songwriter.

Born in Iran, and having spent most of her life in New Zealand, Golriz Lucina has a background in theater, film and publishing and is currently working as the Marketing Manager for the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

You can view the other entries at .

“This competition was a great way to help us think about how to communicate a complex issue like a carbon cap to the American people,” said Keith Gaby, director of communications for the National Climate Campaign at EDAF. “In the end, we were not only able to get great ideas, but we were also able to see what resonates with the public.”