Sunday, February 15, 2009

um. what?

i still work for an academic journal publishing company that i got a job with when i was doing my masters in publishing and editing in melbourne a couple of years ago. i like it because it is systematic, consistent work and there is no office. i can work from anywhere i please. my bed being a fine option.

the journal contributors are from various countries (not all english speaking) and every now and then i get an email that makes me smile because obviously a great effort is being made. and i find it endearing, because my mum does the same thing - spell phonetically, and use odd phrases.

the email i got this evening was one of these:

dear Golriz,
I just wanted to know the progress regarding the paper that i have submitted, kindly take up the pain to know about the status
waiting for an reply
with regards

so now i'm gearing up to take up the pain.

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