Monday, October 27, 2008

it just keeps getting better

all time favorite submission on

geeky inventions o' the day

mail goggles so you can avoid the email version of drunk texting.


and if you are so inclined you can send the future you an email.

watch through to the end.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

for anjali...

i have figured out how to make 'brand new day' my iPhone alarm ring tone.

check your email.

i am actually excited about getting up tomorrow morning. the whole scene will look something like this:

full heart.

i'm happy.
super happy.
i hope each and every one of you also feels this way.
and if not, i hope you are on your way to finding it.

things that make me happy:
crisp fall days
devon hugh
watching eyes light up
the apple store
impending adventures to houston | boston | nyc
nikki gundry's sugar/wheat free magic banana cake

Saturday, October 25, 2008

scooby dooby doo, where are you?

hi party people,
once again my intermittent blogging is reprehensible. and i only have one excuse.
i'm lame.
forgive me?

in other news, avenue q is the first show on my broadway season and it is opening in nashville next week. come and see it - but be warned, there is explicit puppet nudity. so leave the kids at home.

what else?

autumn has arrived in nashville which means getting cosy and bundled up in jackets and scarves and hats and mittens. between dev's collection and mine, we have quite the plethora to choose from.

my latest addictions include americano's with STEAMED heavy whipping cream and this treasure trove.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my kind of business trip.

one thing i'm not taking for granted right now : free wifi at orlando airport

i remember how excited i was for my first real 'grown up' business trip. i packed carefully. had trouble falling asleep. woke up before my alarm. printed out itineraries, schedules, hotel information, emergency numbers. painstakingly decided on exactly what outfit would constitute 'business casual' attire for the flight. showed up at the airport with plenty of time to spare. was thrilled that i could charge my coffee as an 'expense'. opened my planner on the plane and reviewed the day's agenda, perused the entire newspaper. why? because that's what business-savvy frequent fliers do.


in the span of one year, business trips have lost a lot of their novelty. i still enjoy going somewhere different. i love the prospect of seeing a show that i'll be marketing and meeting some of my peers in the industry. but if excitement levels were to be described in color, i'd say that lately, i'm a warm beige when it comes to business trips.

recent trips are usually a race to the gate, bag packed - but not necessarily with things i will need. the pant/top ratio is usually all wrong and if the weather is unpredictable then i'm out of luck. wearing comfortable flats and a soft hoodie is essential. anything that needs ironing is not my friend so it doesn't get to travel with me. sunglasses are usually on, even inside, because i'm protesting the web of fluorescent overhead lights. hair is tangled. no makeup. and i have perfected the art of running with a full to the brim cup of coffee. basically, if i was a celebrity it would be a perfect moment for the paparazzi to take a picture of me, slap it on the cover of a trashy magazine and tag it with suspicions that i'm heading for a break down.

let's just pause for a minute and be thankful not to be celebrities.

i realize that this might read very 'spoiled bratt-ish' so i want to point out that i'm not being ungrateful. i realize that i'm super lucky to have a job i enjoy in an industry that i've always loved. what i know now, that i didn't realize when i was wide-eyed and eager a year ago, is just how tiring travel can be - when it isn't in tandem with a vacation. also, coming back to an inbox that is bursting at the seams is never fun.

i guess the other thing that has become so clear to me is how much better it is to share in escapades and adventures with someone by your side.

i love to travel. i probably always will. but i love it most when i'm with my best friend.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the walls in this room are so ugly that you too would want to play the blues.

a perfect start to the day

yesteray was pretty intense work wise. i won't go into the etails because well, it's probably not that interesting to you, and i on't really want to re-live it...but i came home on the brink of exhaustion an then EVERYTHING else also went wrong.

for example, see all the typo's in the sentence above? well, you can thank the 'd' on my keyboar that just ecided to stop working unless I JAM own on it really hard.

then i saw a mystery charge on my creit carD that i guess i've been charge every month since i have no iea when i signe up for Reservation Rewards, nor do i want to be signe up but they've been siphoning my money this entire year. an ofcourse i can't get hold of a human on the phone.

my best friend is having a big birthday bash soon but it falls on the weekend of my first show opening so chances of getting down there are slim unless i start looking for new work. an we all know how teious it is to put together a resume.

an i was hungry because i hadn't eaten all ay because when i'm stressed the most i can do is gulp back americanos.

an today an tomorrow will be equally stressful & action packe at work. so i ha that to look forwar to.

in this state i crashe feeling pretty awful.

but then this morning i woke to this gem in my inbox. an it reminded me that i am loved by someone wonderful who knows me so well, an knows all the things that make me happy...and well, everything else suenly isn't as har to eal with.

even not having a D key.

thank you dev.


Robot Parade from Jared Foster on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

starkville has a place in my heart

i'm too tired to regale you with tales of our little roadtrip right now, but to sum it up, starkville was lovely. nathan's parents are the cutest people on the planet. we frolicked, fished and feasted.

it doesn't get much better than that.

Friday, October 10, 2008

another road trip to remember.

tonight dev and i are driving to starkville, mississippi with some friends. nathan's parents live out there on a hundred acre farm so we are going to make a bonfire, go fishing and chew on tobacco. one of those things was a lie.

all i know about starkville is that it has an applebees, a wal-mart, and no internet (unless you count dial up as 'internet') (which i don't)

there is also no cell phone reception. but i will still bring my iphone and gaze at it lovingly, don't you worry.

the redeeming factor is that nathan's mum is making us pancakes.

when you google images of starkville mississippi, these are the kind of gems you get:

i'm obviously going to have the time of my life.

dear old love

found this site last night and read every single entry - short letters to 'old loves'.

some are funny:

but most are sad:

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

turn up the volume. the perfect song to wake up to.

tim meyers - a brand new day

thanks to anjali, i'm now addicted to this song. i play it oh, only about sixteen times a day.

this is an open plea to the world to teach me how i can set my iphone to use this for my alarm in the morning.

senior boomer expo

this is where i spent my morning. it was one of the most entertaining things i've done in a while. here are the things i learned:

- the elderly love free stuff. it doesn't matter what it is. if it is free, they want it. in fact, they want lots of it. they pillaged our booth and cleared it of pens and stickers.

- they are awesome. they don't care what you think. they don't try to be cool. they have lived through hard times and survived. they are resourceful and feisty and if they want to dress head to toe in the american flag, they will.


my mum loves rocks. every time she goes somewhere she will pick up some interesting stones/pebbles/boulders and then find a way to smuggle them home. she also somehow circumnavigates australia's super stringent customs & quarantine laws and brings seeds and saplings into the country.

i know, i am just waiting for the day i have to bust her out of jail.

anyway. i found these - rocks made of felt - and instantly, i thought of her. i am just surprised she didn't think of this idea first. :)

tree love

i love trees.
i love tree houses.

i love people that climb trees.
i love fruit straight off the tree.
i love twigs. branches. bark. wood floors. wooden spoons.
did i mention i want to take up wood whittling?

you. get. the. picture.

so, it is only natural that this needs to be on my wish list:

Sunday, October 05, 2008

what is better than one iphone?

TWO iphones.

dear devon gundry,

welcome to the world of loving your phone rather than throwing it down in disgust hoping it will break.

it's so nice to have you here.

another autumn in tennessee

this is my second. i remember last fall clearly. the leaves turning gold. the days getting shorter, cooler, crisp morning air. walking across the bridge to my new job. feeling overwhelmed, slightly intimidated by how much there was to learn. sitting in my tree house with tea in hand. staring. repairing. hoping. breathing.

or at least attempting to.

today, lying on the grass (i don't do this nearly enough), blue skies above, sunshine streaming down, his head on my lap, friends all around us, running my fingers through soft disheveled curls, i realized it's a pretty amazing feeling when your wish list becomes a reality. i've felt inordinately grateful recently. and i should. life is wonderful and i'm happy.

i hope you are too.