Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my mum told me she is tired of checking my blog and seeing lego. so...

tah dah...
here is an update.
dev is back = blog gets neglected. sleep gets neglected.
we bought our dream camera and i can't stop looking at it and thinking about its latent capacity.
i'm even tempted to read the manual. now that's love.
i am wearing a striped shirt today. makes me feel like a pirate.
the end.


anjali said...

how did it arrive so darn speedily? it was just a couple of days ago that we were skyping about possible lens combinations.

i'm mighty impressed (unlike my poor polaroid that disappeared somewhere into the wild forsaken territory between new jersey and boston).

anjali said...

p.s. name? harold wants to know.

amy said...


golriz said...

his name is CASPIAN.

caspi for short.

it was either that, or 'socks'.

but that would get confusing when packing for trips. 'did you bring socks?' 'yeah. oh no! i forgot socks'

so. yeah, caspi it is.

we will set up a play date with harold next time we are in bostonia.