Thursday, April 26, 2007

i have never met this woman but i think she's wonderful

i started reading this blog about 4 years ago. i had read a couple of blogs before but nothing really wowed me enough to diligently return. With dooce it was pretty much a case of 'love at first read' and after catching up on the archived posts i was hooked.

there are things that i should do every day i'm sure - drink the requisite amounts of water, take a multi-vitamin, take my dog for a walk. while i fail at being consistent about a lot of things, reading dooce every day is a ritual that is as much part of my day as showering when i get up. i have to do it every day otherwise i'm not happy. is that lame? maybe. but throughout these past four years i feel like i've been on an incredible journey with this woman and her beautiful family. her writing is raw, tender, funny and sincere.

her post today is, as always, a little bit of everything that i love good writing. poignant, laugh-out-loud funny, honest, real...

i could go on, i know i sound somewhat enamoured. but i can't help it. my wish list, right after having my very own 'gocco print' includes wanting to take heather b. armstrong out for coffee and have her babies.

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