Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i want a gocco with a wanting like i have never wanted before...

so recently, everytime i peruse www.etsy.com, i fall in love with another print.

like these two by the lovely sugarloop (and no, i don't love her JUST because she is from new zealand):

and this one by birds and swings:

the thing that these creations all had in common (besides perhaps bird motifs) is this mysterious 'gocco' printmaking device. so i decided as a little treat for myself i would buy one of these contraptions - i then became tremendously excited about all the possibilities. just think, what i could do with my very own gocco! i would be a gocco fiend.

but i cannot figure out where to buy one from. none feature on craigslist, there are only 4 on ebay and they are being bid up a storm...and then i came across a 'save gocco' web site...why does gocco need saving?! supposedly due to decreasing sales it is no longer being manufactured in japan. so now the remaining gocco's are in hot demand.

now i am miserable and folorn.

oh interweb, please come to my rescue and help me get a gocco.

i will be forever indebted.


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Sarah said...

They are certainly hard to get hold of! I bought one a while back on ebay from a seller called 'japanaddict' and it ended up costing about £90 including postage and some extra screens and bits. I'm a bit worried about supplies running out but I think it's worth it... and the opportunitys for prints are endless (it's just deciding which ones to choose!) Happy shopping :)