Wednesday, June 13, 2007

cut off

so today i got my hair cut. it was a big step for me...i know it is just hair. it grows. i've had it short before. but for many reasons, some good, some bad, i was really attached to my long hair. it had become a bit of a security blanket. i was comfortable with it and it worked for me. until recently. with all the transitions i'm going through i often feel like i'm being swept up in some tide...and i'm not the strongest swimmer. when i surface for air i've found that a lot of what i thought I was doing for 'me', has actually been for someone else. a construct of what I Should be. Could be. If only I just Would be.

So this hair cut although simply JUST a hair cut, became a lot more to me...and I almost backed out...even when I sat in the chair and my glamorous stylist took out her scissors. I almost told her to forget all about it. But I didn't. I steeled myself and went through with it. and layers of my past fell to the floor with each tangled lock. I feel free and light.

I feel great.


sheda said...

and you look beautiful too :)

ps: please change your settings so that non-blogspot bloggers can post comments too! this has me logged in as my old account but it doesn't exist anymore: my blog is

love sheda :)

amy said...

looks fantastic!

leila said...

and i think your haircut is fabbydoo. it's SERIOUSLy gorgeous. and i cut off all my hair, or brush out the dreadlocks, or put them in, whenever i feel like i'm going through a transition, too. somehow, it never is just a haircut; it's way more metaphysical than that.

golriz said...

I didn't realize my settings were set to that! Thanks Sheda - now you can comment away. I love reading your blog also - takes me back to the days when we were penpals. Gosh you always had amazing handwriting.

Rachael said...

Well........ Hello Golriz