Saturday, July 14, 2007

i could take a plane right to you, if i could just stop running

1. i'm so glad you sent that email Q
2. i'm listening to the damnwells 'i will keep the bad things from you'
3. i bought a loaf of cranberry walnut wholewheat bread from the bakery and it is delicious
4. i really need to organize my itunes/ipod
5. i've named my ipod estella (from great expectations)
6. i once wholeheartedly recommended a book i hadn't read. just because i'd heard it was a great read.
7. i realize this sounds selfish with all the 'i' statements
8. i watched 'the last kiss' last night
9. i asked a stranger today to give me advice when i was buying a hat
10. i made a friend
11. i think the simple line 'i will keep the bad things from you' is what everyone wants to hear at least once in their lives
12. i received a track today that i listened to lying on my back on plush carpet - as instructed
13. i think it is funny how every time my mum calls me she asks me what time it is here and tells me what time it is there
14. i am going to listen to a friend perform tonight
15. i feel like i have some of the most amazing friends in the world and one day i'd love to experience having all of them in one place
16. i love saturdays
17. i think it is sweet that you bought a kettle just for my visit so i can make tea
18. i really hope to visit NZ in december
19. i hope you have a wonderful day also


1 comment:

sheda said...

yes! nz in dec! kian and i are thinking the same thing... would be awesome to finally meet up with you in the land where our pen-pal-ship once blossomed...