Monday, July 30, 2007

my watch has stopped and i can't think of a title for this post but i do know that i want a new watch.

i'm back from 8 days spent in one of my favorite cities and i'm feeling very sorry for myself.
be glad you are not here. because all you would hear is me raving about london. and that would be annoying. i'm sure.

yes, it rained 80% of the time.
yes, getting from a to b was a bit of a logistical nightmare.
and yes, the inhabitants of this city are not really the friendliest most upbeat people.

but after one short walk on its uneven-winding-all-too-narrow-streets...i was sold.

there was a lot packed into not enough days. highlights included (in no particular order) the long afternoon of sunshine in the park, hearing plenty of NZ accents at toast fest, catching up with friends i hadn't seen since highschool, nutella on toast and pg tips tea for breakfast, seeing 'wicked' at appollo theater, meandering the streets with ian ipod, second hand book browsing along the river thames, people watching, lattes and chocolate croissants at a charming french cafe in sloane square, indian takeaway mission one minute after closing time, hugging my grandmother who i hadn't seen in 5 years, exploring charming greenwich and devouring gourmet burgers the size of my head.

i also took plenty of golriz-the-tourist pictures...lame. but true.


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amy said...

oh Golriz, you are making me miss my most favorite city so so much. It is a beautiful, wonderful place, and all those activities you list doing used to be my bread and butter (I know exactly where you went 2nd hand book browsing by the way!)
I am glad my old hometown opened its arms to you and welcomed you warmly...