Sunday, August 12, 2007

blue. summer. sky.

sunday highlights

- getting out of bed at 11.23am. sleeping in on sundays will never lose its novelty will it?

- b telling me to 'slow my roll'. i don't think anyone can say that to me that the way she does. i might have to go to austin in a couple of weeks to hang with her and my idol, ryan lash

- a heated 'saved by the bell' trivia competition

- jc calling me 'golkeeper' (you'd think that someone would have come up with this nickname a long time ago. but no. he's the first)

- hanging with diddy funnel cakes who is back from his touring extravaganza. this is a good thing since he was one of my first caa friends and in his absence lots has happened. for example, i got hugged by huie and addicted to peanut butter bars for breakfast

- sharing late night ice cream and scar stories. well, jc sharing scar stories, me eating ice cream and m2 dancing around the kitchen singing a song that went something like this: 'gotta keep moving so i don't pass out'

- the message received via carrier pigeon


tomorrow i have my first marketing advance meeting for spamalot - the anchor show for our broadway season. i'm a little nervous because it's my responsibility to ensure the day runs smoothly and it will be my introduction to a real live press agent. these people intimidate me because they are the 'go to' person for each show. basically an extension of the everything i do has to be approved by them. i jolted out of bed this morning after a stressful dream where i ran into the meeting at 10.13am and made a bad first impression. needless to say, i'm looking forward to the day that this sort of meeting no longer has me waking up in cold sweats.


in other news, i have the greatest friends in the world. i know i keep saying that but it's true.


the list of unattainable and attainable things i wanted today.

- less clutter
- a longer weekend
- dark chocolate covered almonds
- to take you up on the offer for an evening walk
- to be a few inches taller
- a way to sync three itunes libraries onto my ipod
- blik wall decals
- frames for the prints i purchased six months ago
- three weeks in nz this december
- my melbourne yoga instructor to move to nashville and open a studio within walking distance
- an art studio complete with dark room
- more time to read the pile of books next to my bed
- lenses for my new 'old' camera
- less freckles (okay Q, i take this one back...but don't have the expertise to do the strike through thing)
- the html code to strike through text


a penny for the old guy said...

take back the freckles thing! that's not on! you will keep your freckles.

leila said...

strikethrough is < and > with an "s" in between and then to close off, the same thing but with "/s" instead of just "s".

otherwise, ditto 'dus.