Thursday, August 16, 2007

too hot.

it is way too hot in nashville these days.

106 degrees...look - i took a picture.

this feels like you are being steamed. like edamame. not good.

and now i feel like eating edamame.

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a penny for the old guy said...

i went to this very traditional japanese restaurant, and ordered edemame, and they brought it to me cold and unsalted. And I stared at them, somewhat astonished, and the waiter responded: yes I know, but this is actually how it's suppose to be. What scandal.

ps. I have a theory that edemame should replace popcorn in all popcorn-worthy circumstances. I feel like I would much rather sit and watch a movie with a bowl of edemame in front of me (obviously, a smaller, empty bowl handy also for the skins). I feel that would be far more gooder better in every way.

players exuent,
curtains close.