Saturday, October 13, 2007

"and the story ends, one way or another, at sundown- when two-thousand-and-seven memories of mine...hold hands and reconcile" QMN

i owe you numerous blog entries. i have missed this space. but like i wrote to Q, i was waiting on my life to be less HBO and more Disney channel. i was waiting for a time when everything made sense again and i could write without feeling like i wasn't writing anything true.

and today is that day. it's saturday. my favorite day. i had twelve whole hours of sleep last night. missed my date with kanye and guster, and chose my pillow instead. made the right choice. and woke feeling rested. went to a yoga class. luxuriated in the poses. loved that sade 'lovers rock' was playing the entire class. walked out into brilliant sunshine. and felt extreme overwhelming gratitude.

i have lots of phone calls to return. and emails to respond to. and i will get to them. but not right this minute. because quite frankly, i'm happy to sit here, with my feet in the patch of sun spilling into this room. with a class of cool h2o. listening to the frames.

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