Saturday, October 20, 2007

we are strangers here on our way to some other place

17 things i'm currently enamoured with:

1. flight of the conchords
2. orchids
3. "whatever it is you intend, I'm sure I'll discern from the fingerprints you leave"
4. the stranger who paid for my coffee for no reason other than i was in line behind him
5. brandi carlile
6. may 2008
7. night
8. your voice
9. windows wide open
10. authenticity
11. heartbeats displacing warm southern air
12. the frames
13. pianos. cellos. violins.
14. dirty chai. extra hot.
15. solitary moments
16. this moment
17. hope



"i have something to tell you"


"i'm engaged"
"you're engaged?"

long pause

"you're getting married?"

looking out the window. absorbing. laughing.


"saturday. as in, tomorrow?"

longest pause



all that i want to say is left in the words inbetween.
unable to pour it out in this space like some of you are able to do.
i envy that freedom.
expression without care for consequence.
engaged in a careful dance.
showing some skin.
but mostly keeping it concealed.
inhaling. exhaling.
surgeons warning.
dark now.
sitting in this safe space.
surrounded by trees.
content with discontent.


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