Friday, February 22, 2008

Important Lesson of the Day

1. Proof reading is not overrated.

I found out this morning that a tag line that a radio station had been running for weeks for an upcoming show I’m marketing had the wrong number listed for tickets. This error is pretty damaging, especially as sales are struggling for this show and so directing people to a number that isn’t the box office number is not at all helpful.

So I decided to call the wrong number just to see where we had in fact directed people to.

And let’s add more awfulness to this situation by having the number that has been in every advertisement I’ve placed be for an adults only xxx party line.

Yeah. Panic stations ensued. I called my rep and the tag will be changed today. It just makes me cringe thinking of all the people that called this number innocently to get tickets to Camelot and instead were given the option to have an ‘exciting’ talk (that is actually what the recording said when I called).


m2 said...

oh, goli! if these are the things that are getting you promotions, i don't see any reason in changing your plan! ;)

capone said...

so.... imagine explaining that phone charge... brilliant.

Ghetto Blaster said...