Thursday, April 17, 2008

composed in under three minutes (because i'm running late again): 19 things that make me happy

1. hearing marabeth's voice. i so wish she was here in nyc with me.
2. my friends knowing the things i'd love, eg: devon sending me this link
3. morgan freeman trying to figure out how to turn off his iphone in today's session. i love this man. nobility personified.
4. having an all you can travel new york subway pass. even though i haven't had enough time in between sessions to explore the length and breadth of this city. i could if i wanted to.
5. freestyle rap. it's really such a phenomenal skill.
6. freestyle anything.
7. street artists.
8. pedestrian friendly streets.
9. the anticipation that you can FEEL in a theater as the curtain opens
10. my new perfume - escentric molecules - if you ever are inspired to give me a gift hunt down a bottle of this for me because in the ENTIRE city of new york i only found one store that had ONE bottle.
11. unbridled laughter
12. the sheer kindness of strangers
13. lists. oh really?
14. finding out that advertising on the moon is a hoax and NOT going to happen. whew.
15. knowing there is a new pretty black ibook waiting for me when i get back to work
16. that today it's 72 degrees in new york city.
17. the doorman at the theater telling me if i stash my water and treats he'll pretend he knew nothing
18. green grass
19. long standing friendships. and new ones that hold the promise of forever.


capone said...

:( damn new rule............

Ghetto Blaster said...

I hearby promise forever.

also, i damn love ny.

amy said...

that decal is beautiful. and you like lists? for real? who knew...

hey - maybe dinner or something tomorrow evening? not sure what time i finish work but i will text you!