Thursday, April 24, 2008

KK, i miss you too.

so my friend jen works as an events coordinator for a massive law firm in houston. she is stellar at her job and in life in general. her latest blog post was about some of the strange people at her work. one of them is this woman who pilfers food from the board rooms. the thing is, instead of using a paper plate, or proper receptacle she puts the food inside office stationary. as jen wrote on her blog,

"She doesn't ask for a plate or a to-go container, she just brings down a file folder, stuffs a sandwich and some pickle spears in it and goes back up the elevator like nothing ever happened. She's a loon."

it's gold right? i mean, just imagining this whole scenario you can't help but smile. and then jen emailed me this:

"One time that she took an inner-office envelope up to her desk with some fajitas in it (no plastic wrap) and then put it in her inbox like it was incoming mail."


i'm still laughing about this.

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