Thursday, April 10, 2008

mind watcher.

if you've read 'the power of now' you'll be familiar with eckhart tolle's ideas about the separation between who we are and our minds. i'm not doing any justice in explaining the premise of this book but one of the main themes is distancing yourself from your mind and watching how your mind works.

so every now and then i try to do that. stand back and observe my thoughts. and then i get caught up in the 'now i'm thinking about what i'm thinking about so is this really making sense' conundrum. and then i get bored and i stop.

in the past few moments here are the things that have crossed my mind.

i thought about how someone should come up with a new and improved 'happy birthday' tune so that the outdated and annoying generic version can finally rest in peace.
i thought about how the worst part of the 'happy birthday' song is when you say the name and everyone draws out the syllables differently so it always falls apart at that point.
i thought about the office episode with the joint parties
i thought about how much i love the office
then marabeth texted me and said she was craving frozen yogurt.
i thought about how i want frozen yogurt too.
i thought about how a pink berry franchise would be so successful in nashville
i thought about whether i would quit my job to open a pink berry franchise.
i thought probably not.
i thought about whether i could make my own frozen yogurt.
i thought it wouldn't be the same but i could try.

i decided to stop monitoring my thoughts.

um. yeah. a moment in the life of golriz's mind. apparently not very exciting. thanks for pointing that out to me eckhart.


Ghetto Blaster said...

1. i love letting my thoughts go from one side of the spectrum to another- I tend to shout out my last thoughts in the form of questions when im with people in which I always confuse them- then I have to explain how I got there.
2. i also love how i can hear your voice when i read your blogs.
3. i also also love you

amy said...

your head is an interesting place!

Monday's Child said...

hahahahahaha... I loved your reading your post... I was so miserable and I checked in on your blog and you made me giggle and now I don't feel so blue... thank you for that!!