Tuesday, April 22, 2008

you know what isn't fun at all?


yep. first marabeth yelped. yes, actually yelped, because she was bitten by something as she was sitting on the couch watching american idol. i thought perhaps she was reacting to the awful rendition of andrew lloyd weber's 'memory', but no.

anyway, then i felt something bite ME. and then again. and then i saw it. a flea.

so then they attacked us with full force. well either that or it's just psychological but i'm itchy all over.

jen said we have to get something called 'seven' and put it in the attic.

i didn't even realize we had an attic.

i can't believe we have fleas.

don't let this put you off coming for a visit.

1 comment:

amy said...

ARGH! no way!
so sorry!! i hope they are not IN that beautiful couch of yours!