Thursday, May 01, 2008

blog fodder

when i was at the broadway league conference there was a session on interactive media and e-marketing. the words 'twitter', 'technorati', 'adwords', '2nd life' and 'blogosphere' were thrown around. some people looked confused and others looked validated. i was just glad i knew what the words meant especially because one of my greatest fears in life is becoming the person who can't program the VCR. i'm so glad i don't even have to worry about that anymore since VCR's are obsolete.

anyway, after this session, every time something remotely interesting happened we would look at each other knowingly and say 'blog fodder'. and today as i drove to work i realized that this whole blogging phenomenon has actually changed the way i think. what do you say to that eckart?

it's like tetris. remember how after you played a LOT of tetris, everyday objects - buildings, tables, kleenex boxes etc. would resemble the tetris blocks? and you would think about how they could all fit together? no?

um. (awkward pause)

back to blogs. now that i have one, albeit humble and filled with gibberish more often than not, it has added a new dimension to the way i think about things. occasionally events in my life are evaluated by whether or not they are blog worthy. i haven't reached the point where i go through my day looking for stuff to blog about but i definitely have moments where i think 'i must mention that on my blog'. and then i forget, and i don't. but that's not the point of this post.

does this post have a point? not really.

today a friend sent me a humorous email and i wrote back 'that is totally going on the blog', which in today's world is almost the highest complement. it's the 2008 version of i'm going to stick that in my scrapbook and draw a decorative border around it.

so in conclusion, let's end with two lists that i thought of today while i was driving to work and had one of those 'this is for the blog' moments.


- a yellow car
- a pair of crocs. in any of their forms.
- pleather pants
- another pc. i'm betrothed to mac forevermore.
- a spaceship
- a pet reptile
- fake floral arrangements
- a matching tracksuit
- ear muffs
- a harley davidson
- nunchucks


- a tattoo the size of a dime
- venus fly trap
- adidas high tops
- cappuccino machine
- tickets to someplace which has a beach
- cowboy boots


RitaJeane said...

I HATE FAKE FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS. I also think anyone under the age of 60 should definitely not own any, there's no reason, they collect dust.

amy said...

i'm waiting for a picture of you in cowboy boots.

Nina x said...

I am REALLY pro earmuffs. In fact, they are my dream accessory.
I have also owned nunchucks. Would consider a matching tracksuit.
And God only knows if I will be wooed by some pleather pants one day. I saw someone looking SO incredibly hot in some the other day.

The crocs, however, I agree with. UGLIEST SHOES EVER.