Sunday, May 11, 2008

macaroon magic

last night i decided to make macaroons, as you do on an otherwise uneventful saturday night.

they are sugarfree (sweetened with honey) and spectacular if i do say so myself.

i think the only thing that would make them better is dipping them in melted dark chocolate. but that would combat the sugarfree-ness and it would mutate my cells (remember?)


in other news, here is a really good reason why i should have been on third street promenade yesterday:

"a magician who goes by the name of 'magic' just asked me to watch his stuff so that he could go chat with a 6'4 piano player while a 12 year old is ripping Hendrix in front of me and a super hot girl is playing awful next to him- i wish you were here" AG


amy said...

recipe? and sounds like you should have been there...

Anonymous said...

i had most of these in my tummy.