Monday, June 02, 2008

the party i'll never forget.


Anusce said...

more more more pictures!
it looks so much fun!
I wish I was there!
Must talk
Must talk!!!!
Love you bunches of Walt Disney timeless pieces


Sneezy said...

Serendipity... Been listening to an Alice in Wonderland audiobook this morning. Even more serendipitous would be for me to have been on chapter 7, A Mad Tea Party. :)

amy said...

oh my gosh - this is just too fun! you ladies sure do know how to throw a party! i agree with anusce'... MORE PICTURES.
ps: bubbles? rock!
pps: your outfit? Swoon.

Ghetto Blaster said...

um... YES! I can't wait to be at your next party, I can't wait to throw a party with you! ahhh! give me more pictures :D

the sideways TV's= love!
also, great way to make use of that blue dress ;)