Monday, July 14, 2008

box o' pancake mix

sugar free
wheat free
yeast free
gluten free
DELICIOUS pancakes
can exist.

this mix makes it happen.
it's only found at trader joes.
a lovely lad sent me a whole box.
i'd recommend you get your hands on some asapers. if you bring the blueberries i'll share mine with you. also bring a change of clothes because inevitably there will be oil splattered in your direction. many a dress has been lost to this cause.


Anonymous said...

Ghetto Blaster said...

process of sending these to you:

1. in trader joes:
devon: "omg, i need to get some and send these to golriz!"
ash: "ok, here's a basket"
devon: "1, 2, 3....10!"

2. all boxed up in a sketchy old box and pictures of a drag queened rainn wilson:
ash: "ups is going to scan this insane looking box and see nothing but powder! i hope it gets to gol"
devon: "uh oh"

amy said...

somebody knows you. lovely.

Juicebox said...

sweet! i'm gonna get some now! thanks for the heads up!