Friday, September 19, 2008


this woman, spied on the wonderful sartorialist, looks just like my dear friend afrooz.

things i miss about afrooz:

her impeccable sense of style
how she would call me golum
her springy ringlets
her husband luke
her homemade ferraro rocher chocolates
her ability to turn anything she touched into a work of art


Anonymous said...

I like her nose

Fafa said...

I love her ringly bungy jump head
her caring help
here funny peculair way of wiping the bench clean
her intelligent glasses
I like how she's my sister
and sometimes gets startled like a possum
but that's ok
Because she is lovely
awwwwww, sister grey cloud.

Anonymous said...

thank you my dear golrix/golum. i miss you!

and thank you my dear brother, for sharing both the good and the bad. ha.

love, love.

amy said...

it does remind me of frooooz.

Manesh said...

Hi there,
Are you the Golriz I met in Melbourne? The editor Golriz?
My dear friend Amy Lim directed me to your blog... So pleased to know you guys know each other!