Thursday, November 20, 2008


leanna called today to tell me my dog, henry, had been in an accident. supposedly he was running after a mouse and hit his head really hard. hard enough that when frederick found him, he couldn't move. he can't stand...has no control over his back legs.

i have always loved dogs but henry is a special case. for many months he was the only light i knew and i can't express how much joy it bought my heart to come home to him wagging his tail so hard, his entire body would shake from side to side. we'd go walking together for an hour, no matter what the weather, and no matter what my mood was as we set out, i always returned home feeling so much better. he is incredibly smart, and instantaneously lovable.

and now i have this lump that can't be dislodged.


Write Softly said...

Oh, no! I hope little Henry mends quickly, and that he isn't hurting. I am so sorry to hear about his accident.

Sending you warm and healing thoughts.

Nina said...

My hear goes out to you sweetie, I hope Henry is ok.
9I am wearing glasses at the moment that have Henry chew bites on them. lol.)
Huge hugs, you are in my thoughts.

Nina said...

Thats my heart- not my hear. And the 9 is a bracket. LOL! Oh lordy lordy one day I will read things before I post them.
Again, hugs xx

cherry blossom said...

sweet sweet gol, i'm so sorry about henry! :( :( :(

amy said...

honey i am so sorry... thinking of you...