Sunday, May 10, 2009

pretty excited about this little jaunt to the pacific

if you are located in any of the below locations i'd love to wrap my arms around you and do a jig when i get there.

it's five months away. so consider yourself notified.


Shereen said...

Leaving Tonga on Dec 1 and arriving in Samoa Nov 30...traveling through space AND time...nicely done.

Afrooz said...

golrix - sydney. where is sydney? the beach awaits x

Nabil said...

Melbourne! Done.

Nina said...

There is a nice room here at my beach house of delights with a queen sized bed for ya ;)

golriz lucina said...

shereen - you should have seen me trying to put all the dates into my calendar. brain imploded.

af - sydney will have to be incorporated. if only to be heckled by luke and to bask in your dual presences. :)

nabil - can't wait to meet you in melbs and smuggle that sister of yours. yes, smuggle.

nina - i don't know how i'll actually leave your beach house in piha. you might have to kick me out.

montague said...

oh my - this sounds so so so exciting!