Thursday, June 11, 2009

mosquito mutiny

just in case you were wondering NONE of the below 'natural' remedies against mosquito bites worked. and instead i am now sticky and smell like a Bath & Bodyworks.


noosh. said...

honey is supposed to work as well. i like aveeno's anti-itch stuff though.

leila said...

malt vinegar, girl! i promise. try it.

Nina said...

I remember doing the baking soda one when I was little and it was non stop fun.

Manijeh said...

Did you try them all? You would have!

golriz lucina said...

i only had balsamic and apple cider vinegar so i tried both. sort of worked. and i definitely smelled like salad. :)

i tried toothpaste - didn't work. and i had white stuff all over me.

tried honey - mess factor high, itch factor still high.

didn't try the baking soda idea - too lazy.

instead, i resorted to drugs. ultra strength cortizone cream. and lo and behold it worked.

thank you for all the suggestions and for not cringing when you see my welt ridden legs. :)