Saturday, April 21, 2007

artist: caitlin schwerin

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leila said...

excuse me, dear golriz, but are you in tennessee, then? i have just now read through your posts that weren't beautiful pictures.

i have never seen a chick fall out of an eggshell into a mixing bowl. so although i lurve the ocean as much as any other red-blooded mammal, you are original to me in the reason for your aversion to eggs. i'll try to remember that when you come to visit us, or vice versa. does that mean no french toast, or should it be tofu scramble?

and now i have more questions: did you bring your pup with you from melbourne? will i get to meet him?

your descriptions are very evocative: uncomfortable and somewhat rushed; details for a night's plan. these are making me hmmmm and i know that your present is my future. i'm coming there in two weeks. to seattle. but where are you in TN?

okay now it's too late for me to be thinking. Happy Ridvan, my sweet friend.

you and yours are in my prayers.
love from leila