Wednesday, June 27, 2007

a little bit of this and a little bit of that. no carbs however.

there are so many moments in a day when i think 'i really should blog about this'. not just for my mum's reading pleasure but also because i want to remember those moments that will otherwise pass and be forgotten about in the blur that is 'my life'.

the 'grawlz' moment is definitely one of them. there is an agent at my work who is a bit of a legend in his own right. i didn't know if he even knew i existed but it appears he does. the other day i went into the kitchen to make some tea and he was there...i braced myself for awkward colleague-i-don't-know-well-in-the-kitchen-talk (you know how that can be)...and it went something like this:

"so grawlz, are we selling lots of tickets?"

"yep, too many for me to count!"

the beauty of this interaction was not my dorky response, but that I was totally not phased by just having been called Grawlz. I reacted like it was my name. the name my parents gave me. baby grawlz. the most natural, normal name in the world. a variation on my name that i couldn't have dreamt up but i really love.


writing a blog is a weird experience in itself. that delicate balance of what to write, how much to share, who your audience honest to be. most of my favorite bloggers are very honest. but i guess that could also be an illusion. afterall i don't really know them. so they could just be playing a 'part' or being selective about what they choose to share. but that's not so different to real life. are we ever 100% honest about what we think, feel, want, need?

today i needed a hug. it is so hard to ask for a hug. have you tried? i haven't...but that is because it isn't like asking for the salt. or the remote control. or the price of something.


m2 and i are doing a 'cleanse' with another work friend. it involves eating this vegetable soup and basically fruits and vegetables. and fruit. and soup. oh. and vegetables. did i mention the soup? and the vegetables? oh good. so that covers it.

but not just any fruit. no bananas until 'banana day' and no starchy vegetables until baked potato night (tomorrow). so after 7 days of this we are supposed to feel full of energy and verve and not crave sugar any more. that will be a nice feeling since right now i feel like i would trade my future first born for an icecream sundae. or a slice of bread. it's only day one. you can see where this is going can't you?

as i mentioned a huge part of this cleanse is eating fruit. m2 happens to be totally allergic to every fruit she puts in her mouth. every couple of hours she'll point out her puffy upper lip and say "see. look what happened. i ate an apple".

my favorite was when she gobbled half a cantelope and then told me (AFTER EATING THE AFOREMENTIONED CANTELOPE):

"hey, I'm allergic to cantelope"

"what do you mean allergic?"

"well, my throat gets kinda scratchy and closes up"

"um. WHAT?!"

"yeah...I'm allergic to lots of fruit"

wow. so glad that my CPR class is going to finally come in handy.


days are passing. weeks are zooming by. nearly july. today is my sister's birthday (happy birthday anisa!). i can't believe my little sister is fourteen. i remember fourteen. well, not really. i do remember being boy crazy and talking on the phone for hours with my bestfriend jasmine. about boys i'm sure. and about how to talk our parents into letting us go to some party over the weekend. i wonder if much has changed. but i'm guessing not. the medium might have changed from phone conversations to myspace/facebook/IM. but i'm sure it's the same conversations.


i receieved a postcard in the mail today.
it made me smile.
and not just because i love receiving real mail.


i can hear thunder outside. i love thunder storms.
i love rain. especially tennessee rain. it doesn't play around. if it rains. it pours. drenches the ground. comes at you sideways. there is no escape.
i love how music is an integral part of my day and that when i'm listening to the ipod it gives the world around me a soundtrack and makes it more beautiful somehow. light filters differently and colors are more saturated.
i love that i've organized a lazy weekend by the pool with one of my favorite people
i love that i'm finally putting aside my nostalgia for my melbourne yoga classes and going to a class here in nashville on sunday
i love t-shirt sheets

i don't love the fact that goodbyes at airports are inevitable



Anonymous said...

sending you a really big *hug*!

a penny for the old guy said...

that hug feeling,
yeah i feel that.
can't really be done.
there's no way around it.
you kinda just slowly start to dissapear
until someone notices and gives you one.