Sunday, June 24, 2007

meredith claire

hey world, meet my roommate.

the girl that keeps me up to three am. the girl i have to wake up every morning so that we are only 20 minutes late to work instead of oh i don't know, not showing up at all.

there are things about m2 that you should know. things like the fact that she feels it necessary to take pictures of all her ailments and to tell me about them in graphic detail. like her tonsil stones. or her enlarged taste buds. why i need to see them is a mystery to me but she feels compelled to share.

m2's car is broken. this means that we carpool to work. this could otherwise be known as the 10 minutes a day that meredith grips the arm rest tightly because golriz is paying less attention to the road and more to...well other things. the daily morning smoothie. finding the right track on the cd. breathing. you know. things that require attention.

she's in 'transition' so some of her stuff is here, and some of it in her car, and some in her old apartment. i think this makes her feel like anything belongs anywhere. like her bra. it could be the first thing you see on the floor if you walked into my place. i'm just warning you.

i'll also warn you that she will say the word 'presh' (short for precious) OH about every other word.

but you know what. she is adorable. hilarious. loving. an amazing girlfriend to her boy JC. and if you met her you would love her too.

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