Sunday, June 03, 2007

my favorites are the ones with the roosters.

so there is a store in murfreesboro called marti & liz's. it is a shoe outlet that sells designer label shoes for super low prices. no one has figured out how they do it. but they do.

this store is one of marabeth's all time favorites and we make a trip there every month or so because well, shoes are fun. and who doesn't need a pair of turquoise michael kors heels?

yesterday on the birthday shopping extravaganza we stopped by and for some reason leanna kept finding the ugliest shoes imaginable to show us. it was painful to think that someone had not only come up with the design but then had it PRODUCED into a shoe. for a real live person to wear. we took pictures of the top 6 ugliest for your viewing pleasure.

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amy said...

happiest birthday and long live the ugly shoes!