Sunday, June 03, 2007


i had such a wonderful birthday. leanna and marabeth whisked me off at 10 for brunch at marche, a divine french artisan restaurant. i felt like i had stepped out of nashville into paris, what with the lattes served in big bowls, and crepes mmm. They even serve little bowls of NUTELLA with hot croissants, as if you needed to add to the decadency of steaming, fresh, hot croissants.

the ladies i brunched with are some of the most fabulous women i know. it was so great to be in their company and look around the table at glowing, happy, gorgeous friends.

spent the rest of the day in a whirlwind of fun, which culminated in some random taco bell bathroom where we got ready to go out (we were running late and didn't have time to go home). hilarity ensued as you can only imagine when three girls with limited resources and only the clothes they bought that day try to get ready for a night out.

got to the show a bit late, stuck around to watch some live music...and then went to the supermarket to buy smoothie supplies for my new MAGIC BULLET. it is amazing how much fun can be had in a kroger at 1 in the morning. Part of the fun involved me marching out of the store with a life size cardboard cut out of a basket ball player. but we won't go into that.

anyway. a brilliant day.

thanks for everyone's text messages, emails, calls...i will return them as soon as i feel more coherent.


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