Sunday, August 05, 2007

playing favorites

my friend isis once wrote that she felt bad for all the other mugs in her cupboards because she would always pick out the same one. i do the same thing. i play favorites with my dishes. weird maybe. but there you go.

in all my moves i have misplaced some of my favorites. they might have been given away, or left behind, or still in a box somewhere. dinner sets that match are fine. i mean, you need one set that goes together i guess. but i've become really partial to picking up random items and having a collection that clash.

my favorite mug right now used to live at CAA. no one ever seemed to pick it for their morning cup of coffee, so it was always available for me and morning tea drinking. i am not a big sunflower fan. i think my dislike began with the big trend in the mid nineties to decorate everything with friends had them in their rooms, printed on t-shirts, covering their school books. i thought they were overbearing. and tacky. feelings haven't changed much. so it is surprising that my current mug features sunflowers. and is yellow. ochre i guess.

it isn't just the look but also the feel of this mug that i like. not too heavy, not too light. and it is large enough. america is good at big mugs. australia/nz not so great. mugs there are kinda small. three gulps and you're done. marabeth pointed this out when she came to visit me in melbourne. she actually thought about going out and buying a large mug, because she felt like all the ones at my parents place were like shot glasses in comparison to what she was used to.

anyway. how can i resist the lameness of saying 'here is a mug shot'.

i can't. obviously.

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