Sunday, August 05, 2007

beautiful ruby true in my shoes

this photo sums up what life should be about.

being in the moment...basking in the moment.

(and wearing heels)

i all too often resist being an "adult". in fact i am starting to really loathe making grown up decisions. being around a child reminds you not to take it all so seriously. to enjoy the little things. to love with abandon and to constantly ask, explore, learn. when i worked at a montessori school i used to get tired of the incessant stream of questions that my three year old students bombarded me with. especially because i rarely had the answers...but there are days when i really miss those questioning eager faces. and what other kind of job do you walk into on a monday morning only to have a mob of midgets smothering you with hugs?

animals also have the ability to make you "present". begin the eye roll now if you must, but henry was one of the best gifts i've ever received if only because he was a daily reminder of how to live in the moment. and that a rainy, windy, bleak day can be just as much fun to be outside in a sunny day. well maybe not just as much fun, but still fun.

so the moral of the story? um. animals and kids. hard work. but worth it.

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amy said...

very well put, Gol! Thank you for sharing. And Henry is adorable.