Friday, September 21, 2007

too tired to think of a title. use your imagination.

tonight maz and i went to trivia night with some friends at three crow bar in east nashville.
a few things eventuated.

firstly, we realized we should be living in charming east nashville and not stuffy bellemeade.

secondly, deep fried brie with strawberries, caramelized walnuts and raspberry brulee. enough said.

thirdly, we won second place! i'm going to put that down to my random knowledge of operatic lingo, marabeth's great call with the orchid being thailand's official flower...and perhaps the fact that there was this guy on our team with a photographic memory.

fourthly (is fourthly a word? leila?) we enjoyed a midnight snack of rock sugar.

and now we are both WIDE awake at 1am. when we really should be sleeping so we can pretend to function tomorrow.

1 comment:

leila said...

honey, someone (i think it was my mother) says THRICELY, so i think fourthly can be a word.

like, totally.


(i read you EVERY SINGLE DAY, btw. love you a lot.)