Friday, September 21, 2007


f and i used to make wishes when all the numbers on the clock lined up. i don't do that anymore. but there was a time when it was habit.

today i had a morning meeting at one of my favorite coffee shops in nashville - dunn bros. it's an independent chain. and it has couches. and a piano. and great coffee. i walked in feeling torn.

i wanted a chai latte. but i knew i needed more caffiene. so as i'm having this internal struggle the barrista asked me if i felt like experimenting. he said he used to work at another coffee shop where they would make a drink called a 'dirty chai'. it was basically a chai latte with a shot of espresso. to be honest, this didn't sound that great. but it was a fusion that seemed to address my conflict. so i decided to try it.

result: i have a new favorite drink. 'dirty chai'. try it. i dare you.


i'm always planning a trip.

right now the list of destinations that i would easily get on a plane and fly to includes (in no particular order):

the greek islands
new zealand


i am having a difficult time being still.
relaxing. not doing anything. resting.
being idle.
i fear that if i stop. pause. breathe too deeply - that i may not start up again.
i know that sounds illogical.
but that is how i've been feeling.
so i constantly find something to do.
i am always 'doing' something.
work. play. write. read. adventure.
laugh. vent. plan. create.
which is great. but exhausting. to be switched on always.
sometimes i wish i had a tv. just to switch off.
but then i think about the time i would waste.
when i could be 'doing' something.
and the cycle continues.


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