Saturday, September 22, 2007

saturdays in september

september in nashville, tennessee, is truly beautiful.
it is still very green but gradually the leaves are turning varying hues of gold.
the weather is warm. but there is almost always a cool breeze gently moving white clouds across the brilliantly blue skies.

i'm sitting here in my 'tree house', in one of my comfy pod chairs. feet up on the table. tea by my side. lap top on lap.

i've just returned from a funeral service.
the mother of one of my friends passed away a few days ago.
it was a huge devastating shock, as untimely death always is.
but when is death timely?
i remember her smile and kind eyes.
i remember how i could sense the deep love between her and her husband.
and listening to the stories today and looking around the hall at all the myriad of lives that she had touched i thought about the legacies we each leave behind.
and the sheer importance of kindness
of living authentically
of being audacious
of friendships
of gratitude
of enjoying the wonderful
and accepting the painful
and holding each others hands as we go.


always on cue.
a daily reminder.
thank you.


"it was good seeing you"

"it was good seeing you too"

and i meant it. and i think he did too.


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