Friday, September 14, 2007

rambling post for ro.

did you know that you are the only person who calls me 'go'? remember that time we were in a store and you kept calling out to me to wait - saying: "go, stop. go, stop"? and everyone was looking at us like we were crazy. that still makes me smile.

when we were both very young dad pulled me aside one day and told me that you were sensitive. at the time i thought it meant you were kinder than me. more intune with the world. i was a bit offended by this but i also knew it was true. you had a heightened awareness of what was going on around you. a gentleness and generosity that i did not possess.

i remember you sitting on the persian rug in our living room at 24 mountain view road, building intricate machinery with your legos. the fact that you ended up getting your degree in mechanical engineering was such a natural course of action for you. your ease at dismantling and repairing things used to amaze me. i bet you could fix my towel rack.

it's taken you and i awhile to become close. not surprising considering the number of times i took the prize for world's worst incident i remember well was throwing those bits of gravel at the house in front of our piano teachers place with you. when the owner of the house came out i went over and talked to him. i don't recall what we talked about but when i came back to you i told you he was mad about the stone throwing and he had called the police. and they were coming to take you away. you started to cry. i felt bad. but it was too late, the damage was done.

one of my most treasured memories of you is actually that night i took the train to geelong. i was at a loss. there was no one i wanted to talk to more than you. and you stayed on the phone with me for that entire trip. you listened to me and you cried with me. i have never felt closer to you than that occasion.

i'm so proud of you. i'm so impressed by the way you carry yourself in this world. your honesty inspires me. you have always been true to yourself and pushed me to do the same.

hope we get to hang out in the same city again soon.

your sister,

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