Monday, October 29, 2007

finding me.

this post is a glimpse into the one hour conversation i had this morning that i will never forget.

everything that i was told reverberated with me. it was all true.
i received clarity. and validation. and loving guidance.

and as a result i feel incredibly light. free. and really excited about my task at hand - recognizing myself. knowing what makes me happy. what leads to loftiness. and chasing it. grabbing hold of it. and not resting until i find it.

even the information that could have depressed me - being diagnosed as highly allergic to chocolate (it MUTATES my cells people!), and needing to avoid sugar and yeast - wasn't really that hard to hear. it made sense. as if i always knew this, but needed someone to tell me. directly.

it reminded me how important it is to listen to my intuition. to trust my senses. to be authentic.

i was also firmly instructed to stop apologizing for myself. to actively find whatever pursuits and whomever makes me feel amazing - and turn and run from people/situations that are toxic. once again this comes down to trusting your intuition. knowing 'healthy' from 'unhealthy', 'whole' from 'unintegrated'.

i do not want to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. so it's important to learn what i can and then move on. making different choices the next time around.

it is no wonder that i'm obsessed with birds this year. i feel like i'm finally free to take to flight and soar high. and that, my friends, feels amazing.


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leila said...

so many of my friends have had this "one-hour conversation that has changed my life" that i've been getting to thinking that i should make an appointment with her, too.

it's heart-lifting to hear how fabulously and happily you're living, my sweet.

i hope that we can be seeing each other one of these nearby days.

love from leila