Wednesday, November 07, 2007

purse purchase

i bought a new clutch.
i'm quite partial to dandelions.
i'm not as obsessed with them as much as i am with bird motifs. but they might come a close second.

list of recent purchases that bring me joy**
tea with cardamom (already mixed together)
black footless tights (otherwise known as leggings, but that is so 1988)
brandi carlile cd
candles (lots of them, since i no longer live with a perhaps-i-was-a-fire-martial-in-a-past-life-because-open-flames-are-only-worrisome-and-not-really-allowed-indoors)
dr bach's flower essenses stress reliever (could be all placebo affect, but at this point i'm a-ok with that)
ginger and camomile organic hair shampoo
houndstooth patterned wool jacket

**(disclaimer: money does not buy happiness. but it does buy 4 pairs of really nice boots so i can have warm happy feet all winter long)

1 comment:

32 Flavors said...

ppppsssssssssshhht - yes it does! well - maybe not BUY it, but sure does facilitate it. prague?