Thursday, November 08, 2007

table time 2 - the sequel

jc and m2 came over last night for a long overdue 'table-time'.

as always, lots of fun was had.
treats were eaten.
plates were broken.
hair was cut.
hilarity ensued.
m2 complained about the fact that we only had 2% milk, that sesame seeds shouldn't be in anything except hamburger buns (when i pursuaded her to eat a sesame-honey bar), that havarti with dill isn't as tasty as regular havarti (and she didn't know what dill was which didn't help the situation any).

so basically, it was like any other table time.

including the part where i was on the phone with my mum but had to stop mid-sentence to YELL out "inappropriate!" in order to get m2 to put her shirt back on.

and we took photographs to document it all. afterall, table time with these two is now a rare occurence so i had to make the most of this golden opportunity.

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