Monday, March 03, 2008

dawn - third day of march two thousand and eight

my fasting companion and i both share a dislike for overhead lighting so in the glowing candle light marabeth chooses a prayer to read to start our day.

seven years ago we also fasted together in israel. we would wake to the sound of the 'fasting bird' aptly named because it would seem to wake with us pre-dawn and belt out its morning call on the top of its little lungs. (do birds have lungs? they must) anyway, the first day or two it was endearing - hearing this bird CAW outside our window as we tried to go back to sleep. by day three it was our arch enemy. we loathed the fasting bird and its grating song. today, seven years later, no fasting bird...we did hear a woodpecker in the distance, and the windchimes outside. we ate muffin loaf (what happens when you run out of muffin pans but still have lots of muffin mix) and a fried egg each. it is never easy for me to eat so early in the am. but i do it so that at 3pm i'm not dellusional and dizzy.

leila and amy have invited others to share photographs of their own, and i love seeing the contrasts between their experiences so i'm going to try and document the dawns and dusks that i experience until march 21st.



capone said...

not sure what i like more: the flipping of the pages (in the foto), or knowing which birds (or probably their great, great grand chicks) it is you are talking about...

amy said...

yay for joining in! lovely shot!