Tuesday, April 08, 2008

forty-six things you may, or may not, know about me

1. i am a decent at table tennis. not a pro. no trophies to my name. but i can hold my own.
2. i don't like soft drinks. i hate the fizz. it hurts my throat.
3. i am currently into emeralds, and green in general. my mum just gave me a ring with a huge light green stone. it belonged to her grandmother and was handed down to her from her mother. it only fits on my 'wedding ring' finger. i haven't taken it off since she gave it to me.
4. i love sitting cross-legged on chairs. not to be confused with 'legs crossed'.
5. i'm growing really fond of naps. i think i might start taking one every sunday. i now have the perfect quilt to curl up under.
6. my sister definitely has more style than me and i love to raid her clothes.
7. i like my shower to be hot. almost scalding.
8. i like my tea to also be extra hot.
9. i am an impatient texter. if i send you a text and you don't respond within minutes i'm annoyed.
10. my first bridesmaid experience will be on may 17th.
11. i think cayenne pepper is the ultimate spice, closely followed by cinnamon
12. i used to crave lemons and would peel them and eat them whole
13. i usually have an earl grey tea bag stashed in my bag
14. i always have music on in the car. it used to bother me that my dad played classical music. but now i sometimes crave it.
15. my first dog was a cavalier king charles spaniel we named 'pashmak'. one night he ran away and i stayed up praying he would return. he did return. i was six or seven years old. that is the moment i started believing in the power of prayer.
16. i am fascinated by the things people create.
17. i love bookstores but rarely buy books. it always feels like too much of a commitment.
18. i'm irritated when people talk through movies
19. i used to actually fear driving. i felt like i was holding a loaded gun. i'd have dreams that i'd lose control of the car.
20. i sleep easily in planes. marabeth says i fold up like origami and disappear into my hoodie. i like waking up to find that we are about to land.
21. whenever i'm in a plane i say a prayer during take off and landing.
22. i feel a bit guilty if i don't watch the air crew do their emergency procedure presentation
23. i will never forget that 23 is jasmine sutton's favorite number.
24. i love gadgets. the more buttons and functions the better.
25. i just received a package in the mail that really warmed my heart. three dark chocolate/apricot chunk cookies from new zealand, a book and an album filled with photographs and memories.
26. i have inherited my mother's skill of being able to figure out something to cook with whatever is available in the fridge/pantry. i never use recipes or measure.
27. i haven't had a tv for over a year and i don't really miss it.
28. i do miss curling up on the couch with a good movie though.
29. i still have plans to whittle this summer
30. i am fastidious about washing fruit before i eat it.
31. in my opinion the perfect salad incorporates some sort of cheese and some sort of nut. and the base has to be field greens/spinach not lame iceburg lettuce
32. i think sweet potatoes are underestimated
33. i believe in God and i always have. and i don't think it is just a blind belief.
34. i really want to learn how to play the guitar
35. i don't have any desire to play golf
36. occasionally i have such a strong urge to stand on my head or do a handstand. i did a handstand the other night and flipped right over.
37. i want to pay a reasonable annual set fee and go to unlimited yoga classes.
38. i want to write julie andrews a letter and tell her how much i loved her in all my favorite childhood movies
39. i want a tempur-pedic pillow
40. my afterschool activities included: seido karate, speech and drama, piano, violin, modern dance and swimming.
41. my swimming teacher was missing some fingers on one of his hands. i hated when he touched my arms and legs because of this deformity.
42. my drama teacher would give us lollies as prizes. i have no idea what her natural hair color was, but her initials spelled MAD which i always thought was appropriate. i distinctly remember her telling us that she didn't wear underwear.
43. i told my dad that one of my piano teachers slammed the lid of the piano on my hands because i made a mistake. to this day i can't remember if this actually happened or if i made it up.
44. the only incentive to going to karate lessons was my huge crush on morgan sinclair who was a brown belt. when we would 'spar' i couldn't look him in the eye.
45. i love clever stencil art
46. i wish i still spoke armenian fluently so i could talk with my grandmother


capone said...

if i did not have my current rule in place; you'd have had several of those things at your office thursday morning...

a penny for the old guy said...

lettuce sucks bad.
i won't eat the salad if it has lettuce in it.

Ghetto Blaster said...

47. you are a sucker for your crying sister...

missing fingers on a swim instructor is pretty freaky... how can you focus on your stroke when your concerned about drowning because you can only feel 3 out of the 5 fingers?

capone said...

HAHA - GB, so is adam... so is adam ;)

amy said...

love the list! i've recently lost my ability to pass out on planes. it's quite tragic! on the other hand, i have a list of things about my past life i can't remember if they were truth and lie... does that make me a bad person?

Juicebox said...

i just read your entire list and i don't even know you. haha. i'm also inspired to make my own list, although i don't know if i'll have 46 things to say...i might be surprised :)