Tuesday, April 08, 2008

latest craze

if you are remotely observant you will be aware that taking pictures while jumping is all the rage. everyone is doing it. you can either keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and ignore the trend or you can jump up and join in the fun. ultimately it's like facebook, you'll dismiss it for several weeks, maybe months and then one day you'll cave to peer pressure and it will take over your life. i for one, no longer have any interest in taking photographs which don't involve meddling with gravity.


amy said...

hehhe, love the jumping lady!

Ghetto Blaster said...

lets make a new craze- maybe backwards jumping, squatting? im sure whatever we do, people will follow! muahah

oh, and, these pics are so cute!

Ladan said...

Hhahah - awesome. Did you see the one I did in NYC. It was the 8th attempt as it is much harder to do it using a timer... Check it: