Thursday, April 24, 2008

improbable ebay purchases that i want

if you have a cool spare 2k lying around i'd like one of these and also one of these.

in other news, i am happy to report the flea sightings have ceased so perhaps it was all in my mind. or perhaps i was allergic to no longer being in new york.

OH and in extra other news, i've solved the need-to-synch-my-itunes-with-my-ipod dilemma. well it's not really true to say 'i' because the level of my involvement was little to none. it's a good thing i have techno-savvy friends who put up with my incompetence and shenanigans (and my refusal to google answers to my conundrums).

and because you don't have enough time in your life to keep up with the cool, here is a site that does it for you. ladies and gentlemen enjoy the cool hunter. i'm not ashamed to admit that i totally want an adult version of one of these.


Ghetto Blaster said...

hahaha omg the baby suit! i could imagine you running (or rolling?) around in an adult version.


capone said...