Wednesday, April 23, 2008

to be continued...

why my mum is more entertaining than mtv:

'so how is anisa doing'

'she's lovely. she wants to go to some concert'

'yeah? what concert'

'sixty cents'


i sat in the sun today during my lunch break and even made a colleague meet me out there for our afternoon meeting. i think he thought i was kidding when we set up the time and i sent him an outlook calendar notification with 'patio outside' as the location. but i wasn't kidding. i have the tan lines to prove it.


short list o'things i found mildly irritating today. okay, maybe not mildly.

-migraine headache that refused to go away. i drank water. i had caffeine. i took a nap. i ate a whole peeled lemon. i massaged my temples. to no avail.

-not being able to rip all the music from my ipod onto my new macbook. there must be a way to do this. help me.

-being inside when outside was so much better


a penny for the old guy said...

just did it for my sister.

happy tunage.

amy said...

mmmhhh - have you tried advil?
and - i hear you about outside, i am walking to pinkberry at 3pm today and plan to enjoy it in the sunshine :)