Tuesday, April 22, 2008

so Q has reading material other than GRE study guides

a friend of ours is selling his house and he sent marabeth some pictures. this one makes me smile so much because well, you tell me, what is the point of the gate?

some of my favorite moments

1. hearing a voice over the phone and those few seconds when i realize it's a dear friend
2. the audible breaths in the vocals of tracks i love - like jeff buckley's hallelujah
3. opening up any apple product. as a friend commented, even the styrofoam is like sculpture
4. using a really great black ink pen on a blank sheet of paper
5. getting a head massage when you get your hair shampooed before a cut
6. the silence that exists after a prayer
7. the first sip of an extra hot soy chai latte
8. a well-deserved standing ovation
9. rounding a corner and seeing the ocean
10. wrapping up after a shower in a freshly dried warm towel
11. waking up from a nap and knowing i don't have to be anywhere
12. my mum's rubbing my back as she hugs me
13. watching people greet each other at airports
14. seeing colors i never knew existed, in someone's eyes
15. stepping out of an air-conditioned room into the fresh air and sunshine

conversations with marabeth:

she points to my tool kit

"why do you keep this in the car?"

"because you never know when you are going to need tools"

"when are you gonna need a hammer? we should keep this in the house"

"no, i need it in the car. i might need a hammer one day if something happens to my car and i'm stuck on the side of the road"

"um, the only tool you will use if that happens is your cell phone"



capone said...

or if your car has gone over a bridge into water and you can't roll down your window - you'll need the hammer then too... i think.

sheda said...

extra hot!! i love it! (i'm also one of those crazies who INSISTS on all of my hot drinks being "extra hot" - that's why it's called a hot drink and not a lukewarm one, right?) :)