Tuesday, June 17, 2008

smitten part II

subject line: i wish...
i had known you when i was a little boy, when you were six and half and i was four and a half. i would have chased you around the merri-go-round. and probably splashed water on you. i would have put sand in your hair and sprinted away to initiate a chase. and then, when we had both worn ourselves into the ground, i would have shared my juicebox with you and probably stared at you for a little too long. i would have told your friends to tell you that i that you were pretty.
i need to find a time machine.


dear d.h.g,

i feel like the luckiest.




neg-in said...

this is freaking adorable!!! :D

yes, i stalk you every now and then, is that weird? :)

Anusce said...

Ahh!! The heaven of love!