Friday, August 03, 2007

airport fashion and parking that is not great, but just allright

i've been spending too much time in airports lately. this leads to boredom. and lots of dollars spent at starbucks.

airport stores are usually pretty tacky. and the ones in st. paul, minnesota lived up to this expectation. it was here that i found this very unfortunate item which is more terrifying in person.

i also found this great hat, and if it didn't cost a small fortune i would have bought it just so i could wear it around the terminal for my 8 hour layover and see people's reactions.

and while i'm being a photo-uploading-fiend there is a parking lot company in nashville called allright parking. and for whatever reason, the name strikes me as funny. it's like they didn't want to boast and pretend the parking is fabulous, so let's be fair and just say it is allright. that way, we are all on the same page and no one will be disappointed.

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sheda said...

lol that's hilarious.